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Testimonials About Brad’s Business Experience and Ethics

“I’ve worked with Brad several times and also invested in one of his businesses. He has the unique ability to take an idea, refine it, build a team and company around it, and scale the growth for an exit. He is very well rounded as his technical abilities are as sound as his sales and marketing ability.”

Stephen Forte, Managing Partner, Fresco Capital

“Brad is phenomenal at providing real-life business advice, especially by identifying any potential issues with your current plan, then providing specific guidance on avoiding or addressing the concerns.”

Kristina Friend, Entrepreneur, ICAT member

It has been a pleasure to work with Brad and his team. They are very responsive and professional in all they do. Their goal is to take care of their clients and their employees. It is a pleasure to work with someone who has the same goals as you.”

Howard Henry, Community Association Banking Manager, PNFP

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