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A complimentary four-step exploratory process.

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3. Next, we’ll have a video meeting to discuss your Value Builder assessment
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4. Finally, we both make a decision on whether working together makes sense.

Business owners who want to grow income, maximize business value, and build (or re-build) a business that can run without you – even if you never plan to leave.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you plan to sell your business someday or not, there are many benefits to building a valuable business that can survive without you. Value Builder businesses are better positioned to scale, generate better cash flows, and are more enjoyable to manage.

Perhaps the best benefit of all is that we help you get back the one element most entrepreneurs are lacking – TIME.

No one wants to buy a business in which all the value lies within the owner/entrepreneur being there. You must detach yourself from working “in the business” every day and fully take on the role of the CEO.

This program will allow you to fully take the reins of a growing business.

We will help you get the freedom to go to the office every day or spend time away for weeks and even months and still know what is going on in the business.

We’ll also discuss how to value a business and what levers you have available to impact that value.

NOTE: As a Value Growth Advisor and Value Builder Coach, we implement both components into our program.

An advisor generally gives answers to specific questions. This can be great to push through short challenges or to find answers to common questions.

A coach will work with you to determine the best answers for your exact situation. The coach will educate then work with you to collaborate on finding solutions that fit your needs.

Coaching tends to provide better long-term results because the coach and owner work together – enhancing the owner’s abilities while implementing custom solutions for the business. But there are times when giving advice based on 20+ years of experience can be very useful! That’s what we integrate both coaching and advisement into our solutions.