I love learning new things and digging deeper into various topics. Self-learning actually excites me. It isn’t for everyone, but for people who do like to learn on their own, I decided to share a couple of the best books availableĀ on money and/or investing topics. So here are the top five books on money and investing that I recommend…

1. Automatic Millionaire

The Automatic Millionaire: Best Books on Money and InvestingThe Automatic Millionaire is the #1 book I recommend to people who are interested in money and investing. No, it isn’t a “get rich quick” type of book as I feared when I first saw the title. Instead, it is all about the power of small consistent actions, and some thoughts on automating them. It’s amazing how small changes kept steady over an extended period of time can build amazing wealth and financial security.



2. Millionaire Next Door