Amazon continues to wow us with their moves in the marketplace. If I were a stock picker (I’m not!) I’d probably own their stock. Even before recent changes more than half of shoppers checked Amazon first. Here are a few recent enhancements in 2017 that make us love Amazon even more.

4 More Reasons To Love Amazon

Amazon + Whole Foods

Just in case you don’t follow any news (or social media) and didn’t hear – Amazon bought Whole Foods in 2017. It all happened pretty quickly and they made improvements on day 1.

Honestly I’ve never been a big Whole Foods fan. I like the concept, and all the cool items they sell – including the prepped and hot foods. But the prices have always been a turnoff for me. I can get great-tasting and healthy foods at Publix, Harris Teeter, or a dozen other places for a lot less money.

But, on day 1 of the acquisition Amazon lowered certain Whole Foods item prices by as much as 43%!

With lower prices I might just give them another look.

Amazon + Whole Foods = More Same Day Deliveries

Amazon has same day delivery in a bunch of markets. Not my city just yet, but I suspect it will be here soon. Especially now with the acquisition of Whole Foods. They now have a location in most of the continental US states. In certain states they have dozens of locations.

They’re pretty smart so I’m sure they’ll be able to figure out the most ordered items and store them closer to the consumers. Once they do that, it’s not that much harder to work out same day delivery. Closer inventory = faster delivery.

Amazon + Whole Foods + Prime Now

Amazon has had a service called Prime Now for a while. The availability is so-far limited – about three dozen cities.

What is Prime Now?

Prime Now let’s Amazon Prime members get certain items shipped within 2 hours. Yes, that’s right. Not two days – two hours! Not a Prime member yet? Try the Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial.

People “in the know” speculate that Amazon is going to start using some of the warehouse storage space from Whole Foods to reach more cities, and faster.

Let me just say it again: Two-hour delivery. Don’t you just love Amazon?

Is that too long of a wait for you? Perhaps you just ran out of wine and need it ASAP? Amazon Prime Now includes an option for one-hour delivery for an extra $7.99. The alcohol delivery is currently in 12 cities, but I fully expect that to expand quickly now with the Whole Foods acquisition.

Amazon + NFL Football

We have been fans of Amazon Prime video for a long time now! If we’re going to rent a movie, that’s where we rent it. There are also hundreds of FREE movies available, and a neat little “trick” to even get non-free movies for free.

But we’re not talking about movies, we’re talking about NFL football. We love NFL football. We love Amazon. The two together should be double the love!

Starting in 2017 Amazon and the National Football League have worked out a deal letting Amazon stream Thursday night football games.

To me this sounds almost like a “pilot” program to test the waters. What are the chances that Amazon works out a deal with the NFL to stream all of their games in the future? I’d say those chances are pretty high. Goodbye requirement of a DirecTV dish! Goodbye fuzzy TV on rainy days! Amazon to the rescue!

If you’re a Prime member, support this move by watching the Thursday game streamed through Amazon. The more of us that use the service, the more likely it will expand. Not a member yet? Why not? Join Amazon Prime – Watch Thousands of Movies & TV Shows Anytime – Start Free Trial Now.

Other Amazon Goodies

Wedding And Baby Registries

Having a baby? Use the Amazon baby registry service. Getting married? Use the Amazon wedding registry service.

Why make friends and family drive to a local store to purchase items on your registry list? The days of trekking over to big box stores to purchase an item from someone’s registry are over.

Amazon makes it very easy – and cost effective. They already have the lowest price on thousands of items. Make it easy for your registry shoppers and let them save money at the same time.

Unlimited Streaming Music

My wife and I use the Amazon Prime Music Streaming service and are very happy with it. We haven’t had any problems and it seems just as good as the paid music streaming services out there.

There is a free version or a paid version if you don’t like ads. Check it out on their site here.

Amazon Will Buy Your Stuff Too

I’ve been aware of, and a user of, Amazon trade-in for years. If I buy a book (perhaps it wasn’t available on Kindle) I always go to the trade-in site to see if I can get some money back for it. If it’s an accepted item, they’ll even provide a label for free shipping.

Just today I noticed that they’re doing trade-ins on mobile phones too! With Apple expected to release the next version of the iPhone this fall, perhaps Amazon would be a good way for you to sell your current/old phone. It can’t hurt to check the trade-in site to see what they might pay you.

What’s Your Favorite?

Do you love Amazon too? What is your favorite Amazon service? Did I miss any key ones that people should be aware of? Let us know in the comments section below.