Understanding financial topics is important. It’s why we write on a variety of topics and make it free to our community of readers. It’s also why we read other personal finance blogs, read books, and seek ways to build on our understanding. Along those lines, we recently found out about the free online Wealth Summit – and it looks pretty great!

Online Wealth Summit

If you would you like to “learn how to slash your taxes, grow your wealth, protect what you have, and retire financially confident”, then read on…

What is the Wealth Summit?

Greg Phelps, a financial professional with a long list of impressive credentials (CFP, CLU, AIF, etc) has organized an amazing event called the Wealth Summit. As part of this event he has organized about 30 different financial professionals who are experts in a wide range of topics. Each of these professionals will present on a specific topic where they specialize. It will be packed with great information – and FREE!

The 2017 Fall Wealth Summit runs September 1st through the 8th. It’s all streamed online and 100% free to watch “live” during the summit. Definitely click over to the website and sign up for your free ticket. There’s no risk or cost and you’ll likely learn something very valuable.

Why has Greg organized this?

Here’s what Greg has said about his motivation for the Wealth Summit:

“Friends, clients, and colleagues have asked me why I’m creating this Summit. It’s simple really, I LOVE educating people! I want to help them avoid the critically painful mistakes I’ve seen throughout the years, and honestly maximize and protect their personal wealth. Doing this one client at a time has been great for the last 20+ years, but I want to leave a larger – more positive – impact on the world. It’s time to use technology and think bigger!”

I love it! We have similar motivations here at MaximizeYourMoney.com.

It’s great to leverage technology to reach people and educate them on personal financial topics.

It is even better that the information is being made available FREE for Wealth Summit attendees!

What topics will be covered?

The full list of speakers and topics are posted over at the Wealth Summit website, but the general topics include: 401k Plans, 529 College Savings Plans, HSA (Health Savings Plan), general investing topics, finding a good financial advisor, dealing with student loan debt and more!

It’s packed full of great content.

What are some specific Wealth Summit session topics?

From their website…

  • How to build a million dollar triple-tax-free retirement using the medical IRA strategy
  • What’s better for your IRA and 401k savings? Tax-free Roth or pre-tax contributions?
  • The 4 real factors which drive your investment returns, and how to maximize them
  • How to protect your nest egg against catastrophic medical expenses in retirement
  • How to avoid investment scams, fraud, and losses from unscrupulous brokers (with real stories)
  • When you should buy (or run for cover) from those fancy annuities sold on TV
  • 3 secrets to managing and minimizing healthcare costs during retirement
  • 5 ways to create a rock solid budget, and why you may just need the “Anti-Budget” instead
  • Why inflation – not bad markets – is really your biggest enemy, and how to insulate yourself from it
  • How to dominate your golden years by doing a “retirement rehearsal”
  • Why 98% of “financial advisors” aren’t legally obligated to act in your best interests, and how to find the 2% of “real financial advisors” who are

Each of the session speakers – and their exact topics – are listed on the website.

What’s the format?

I actually got a preview and listened to a few of the recorded Wealth Summit sessions in advance. (I wouldn’t be recommending it if I hadn’t checked it out.)

The general format is Greg sort of “interviewing” the financial professional a bit. It’s not a standard Q&A type interview because the presenter definitely has a topic and prepared material. But it makes for a more interesting experience than just an advisor flipping through a slide presentation and talking.

When is the FREE live Wealth Summit?

This Fall’s Wealth Summit (2017) will run from September 1-8. There are multiple speakers presenting each day and the session times will vary.

Is it really free?

Yeah, it really is free to watch it during the scheduled days and session times. If you want to access the information afterward (say you missed an important session or just want to watch again) they have a pass available for purchase. But really, if you can just make some time to watch the sessions online, it costs you nothing at all.

Go check out their website for more information. The 2017 Wealth Summit.

After you check it out, let us know what you think in the comments below.