By now you’ve probably heard me mention budgeting several times (you may want to check out some of my other posts as well) and its role in getting out of debt and achieving total financial fitness. I believe a solid working budget is the greatest weapon against debt in anyone’s financial arsenal. And you can’t build wealth and reach your goal of being financially fit until you are out of debt. So today I am going to help you get started on creating a very basic, quick-start budget. You can download a free copy of the Quick Start Budget form at the bottom of this post. This budget covers just the basic living expenses – it is a step toward being able to create a full and more detailed budget later.

“A solid working budget is the greatest weapon against debt in anyone’s financial arsenal.”

The number one goal of every budget is to tell your money where to go – as in every dollar being spent must be accounted for. And in order to do that, you have to know where your money is currently going. Most people when asked have no idea how much money they spend on any given category. This leads us to my first tip.

Tip #1 – Find Your Money

Budgeting tips for successful budgetingIn order to create a budget (also known as your cash-flow pl