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We’re passionate about helping people live the life of their dreams through financial coaching!

There have been seasons in our lives when we had very low income and loads of debt. There have been other seasons when we had really high income – and still loads of debt. Through more than twenty years of marriage, raising a wonderful daughter, starting, growing, then selling a business, and also coaching others – we’ve learned a lot about personal finance and what works and what doesn’t. It was definitely bumpy at times, but through the years we have been able to attain debt-free status and a comfortable level of wealth. We’ve also learned a lot about dreams, priorities, goals, and plans… and we love sharing those experiences with clients; helping them navigate (and in many cases avoid) many of the same pitfalls.

In addition to tons of life experiences, we have been trained by Ramsey Solutions (Dave Ramsey’s program) as Financial Coaches to help people through the proven Total Money Makeover and related Ramsey programs.

Karla Kingsley
Karla KingsleyDave Ramsey Trained Financial Coach
Ramsey Solutions trained Financial Coach, health and fitness enthusiast who enjoys spending time with her family, serving at church and also the local Charleston community. While Karla was the Chief Operations Officer of the former small business her husband Brad started, she fulfilled other roles such as technical support and billing. She is passionate about helping others in their journey to achieve the life of their dreams.
Brad Kingsley
Brad KingsleyDave Ramsey Trained Financial Coach
Christian, husband, father, entrepreneur and Ramsey Solutions trained Financial Coach. Brad is a lifetime learner who loves helping people solve problems. He started a business and served as the Chief Executive Officer for almost twenty years until it was acquired. In addition to personal financial coaching Brad mentors and coaches entrepreneurs to help them succeed with their startups and small businesses.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you improve your financial fitness and achieve your goals through financial coaching, just reach out to us and let’s arrange time to talk. If you are a bit of a DIY personal finance person, jump over to our blog posts for some great topics on investing, retirement, earning money, saving money, and more! Then if you ever have a question or need financial coaching in the future, feel free to contact us.

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